About Us

Welcome to Freedom Gay Clothing co. A place where LGBTQIA+ People and are celebrated and Human Rights are for ALL Humans. A place where freedom unites and freedom is love. A place where love power new beginnings.

American Goods for the Gay Community, Sexual Freedom, Human Rights and Equality.
  • We are a team of San Francisco Bay Area Designers and Photographers.
  • We want to create diversity in the Urban Apparel Industry and visually rebrand LGBTQIA+ Freedom in a Fun & Positive light for the community.
  • We are Lovers, not fighters. Peacekeepers not antagonist.
  • We believe in Human Rights and Showcase creative Freedom in our work.
  • We Want to celebrate Human Rights with you from San Francisco and beyond.
  • Search for, like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at "Freedom Gay Clothing".